Bilingual Drawing Café

Let’s complete our travelling books within this dialogue between the arts and generations:

Moving from doodling to drawing and the discovery of one’s creativity:

Through our doodles ,spontaneous drawings and music, we discover the rhythm, the architecture ofour environment, of all reality as being the inner mirror of man, thrown in space with one’s whole being, whole heart, with only anchor in the unknown, the will to live, to move forward, to communicate, to understand and create some landmarks. In the depth of the well of our intuition, this need to feel alive, to observe, to represent life, to cease it with wonder, rise what one ought to name the golden rule of movement, all the cathedrals of creativity. In the womb of man’s heart, all the intense rhythms, all the structures and architectures of our reality, our humanity and uniqueness are born, incarnated….Béatrice Cofield

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