Young Masters Illustrators


A dialogue between adult and child, through the arts.

Béatrice Cofield and Emma Elliott invite some children and young artists to publish as co-authors their stories and illustrations.

Professional adults and young masters share their creativity in a free, to and fro, flowing  dialogue :

With Beatrice Cofield, we journey from the construction of our images, our drawings, paintings or sculptures into the poetry of Emma Elliott and our own dreams.

With Emma Elliott, we journey from her poetry as a starting point and a response, as some landmarks into our own creations.

Thus, we discover our identity, our natural and architectural heritage, our region.

Thus, we discover and practice the French and British Language through games centred on rhythm, music, expression, mime, poetry and movement.

In this exchange, translation becomes accessory. While listening to music,  with drawing, painting, creative writing, expression, mime and movement, a language does not remain a foreign parameter. Its learning, through the positive landmarks of creativity becomes natural and pleasurable .

Beatrice Cofield

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