From the sea with Debussy




A fusion of the visual arts, music and sciences

 Young masters of arts


. unites the adult world in the promotion of our  youth’s talent,

 .engages the artists in sharing their creativity, giving to everyone the opportunity to appreciate, practice art , discover one’s identity, history, natural and cultural heritage;

 -empowers art and artists in the defence of humanitarian causes, in the support of hospitals, medical research, through creative partnerships with artistic, scientific and charity organisations.

 Our action  stems from a constant , direct, dialogue, an interaction between generations,, the arts, professionals and amateurs, the constant drive to share creativity and knowledge towards the development of new economies supporting young entrepreneurs.

 Our action strengthens  this shared vision, a solidarity embodied in the creation of galleries online promoting internationally, from region to region and between communities, all age groups as co-authors in their own rights and publishing our young masters as such.

 We invite all members of the public to become sponsors.

 Rights and copyrights reserved


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