Jeremy aged 6


 A sunny heart , deep in the ocean =  A bridge over the ocean.

 On the sheer crest of a line unravelling to infinity : a concentration and relaxation sustained , carried by this  music , a precise language when our hand becomes  a bow creating notes or words through various pressures,transparencies and movements.

 Jeremy  paints  the feel of swimming, of echoing, reaching out, talking to other whales to the other end of the ocean. Aware that each sound or musical sentence are to become words, he applies various forms of pressures with his brush unto the paper, lets  his hand dance freely,in soft curls carried by sound, from the left hand upper corner of the page to the bottom of the ocean where he gradually forms a face tying up some of the loops. From unravelling gently and freely a line, from a sustained  contact between his hand and brain, Jeremy finds  deep inside himself this sunny heart. Like in breathing, his concentration is indeed sustained and this heart is gently smiling and thumping.


Younes aged 8



The  "good luck shell "

 Younes lets his hand flow along never ending currents. He creates a complex world of transparencies, as in Gultekin's Bilge's work.And from fabrics of energy,  line, form and colour intuitively superimposed , stems many symbolic details, a very precise language recording a whole deeper storyline.

 We can see a mysterious purple human figure, dots of colour which could be algui, fish or a myriad of stars in an inner cosmic dimension.So strangely abstraction naturally evolves into some representation as if Younes had found the true essence of this music and rhtyhm.

 Younes fills the shell with soft, joyful colours leaving a white section where wavy lines break its outline to journey further into the ocean.Here is his umbilical link with the outer world.

 One day, my parents took me for an helicopter ride to celebratemy birthday. But there was a storm and as the helicopter was crashing, I had to jump into the sea. Under the water , a gentle sirene saved me and gave me a good luck shell.Then, I woke up and by the side of my bed was still lying my "good luck shell."

 Thus Younes, by opening his heart, by opening the outline of his shell, magically links the visible and the invisible, dream and reality, his conscious and subconscious mind.


Syrielle aged 7



Some butterfly-fish rise and fly above the ocean.

 Syrielle keeps her eyes wide open in the ocean of her dreams. Tenderly pink butterlies fill her world. 

  I asked her: "where are you, in the picture?": "in the ocean", she replied.. And  what are these pink creatures? She told me  enthusiastically there were some flying fish. I wonder where there live, I added . She concluded with a large smile : "they live in the ocean but they fly above it ."



Smiley faces, people , funny creatures and treasures from the sea







































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