Olympic Games 2012


The Olympic Games seal a solidarity between nations  to consecrate mankind moving forward, with its thirst for progress and knowledge.

The architecture of the Olympics London site evokes the place of modern man in time, open to science, communication and the discovery of space.

Our first studies completed by young people aged 14 to 18, to prepare posters for the Olympics Games, with the Eastbury  Comprehensive School in London, in partnership with National Achieve Ability and the Arts Dyslexia Trust, establish a link between the study of movement, the perception of the surrounding architecture as a mirror of man, his history, evolution, his place in the universe. Sport, action incarnate the will to create, progress, control our destinies, define landmarks in the unknown.

While throwing one’s whole being in space to interact, cease a  landmark in the unknown with only anchor the will to move forward ,in the womb of  man’s heart lies all the intense rhythms,  or architectures of  reality.    

                               Béatrice Cofield


 Spontaneity with the perception of rhythm end architecture : These studies were completed in four and half hours.















In Bouzy La Forêt, the children were inspired from their football team and imagined they were running  and playing on the London site. They played with form , colour  and energy to render vision of venture, progress, action.












Children aged 9 to 10


The  Olympic Games  through the arts


Engaging all generations through art projects to celebrate the spirit of the Olympics reinforces our sense of identity and beyond all cultural differences, seals a  feeling of belonging to the same world..

Partnerships and structured links between schools, artists and Gallery educators ,health establishments integrate all children and adults in the same celebration of life, progress, and will to build a future. This co-creation between artists, educators, young and older people mirrors our humanity.

Co- creation opens floodgates of hope. The amazing revolution triggered by interactive art and galleries online must be celebrated as the most vital creation of our times.

It is not an utopia but a reality. The direct, international dialogue open between all Art authorities and the public, gives a recognition, a voice to every individual, breaking down some chains of elitism while redefining and protecting the role of professional  artists, in society. 

This is truly happening in every class where children are given the opportunity to share, dialogue with an artist and their teacher upon a theme of artwork. The  discovery of their opinion , the freedom to express it without the fear of failure , brings smiles to their faces as pointed out Jonathan Barnes in his research. I felt so humbled about the joy shared by the very young and the older generations to express ideas about sport and the arts, their own architectural heritage. I enjoyed the children perfectly relating with their games and mobiles to the sculpture  Orbit from  Anish Kapoor as a celebration of modern man of  technology and communication. I was equally  moved  when they spontaneously appreciated  their local architecture as the very foundation of their identity. They had begun to relate to their environment and a wider world, at the same time.

. Beatrice Cofield, artist and founder of Jeunes Maîtres des Arts- Young Masters of Arts








                 1                              2                                3                                4







            5                              6                            7                              8


1- Alana Jenkins : Tree of Life

2- Running and flying : interpretation of Walter Fabeck’s music, Genome by Béatrice Cofield.

3- Waves of inner energy, Portrait de Caroline Florenville performing    “  the sea from Debussy” by Béatrice Cofield.

4- Dancing in the unknown by Béatrice Cofield.

5- Man, science and the unknownb y Béatrice Cofield.

6- Flight in Space, portrait of Patrick Jablonski, mentalist by Béatrice Cofield .

7- Flight in space, painting and collage by the children of St Benoît Primary School, Cyprienne Dubard, teacher and Béatrice Cofield.

8- Identity : collage by the children of St Benoît Primary School, Mrs Cyprienne Dubard, teacher,  on a background set by Béatrice Cofield.



First moves and sketches.






















 Alternately, reinforcing, outlining the velocity of movement by pressing with one's fist, establishing a direct contact with the drawing before using a pen again.


























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