Links between the visual arts and music

 My interest in  Research linking the visual Arts and Music :

Exploring spontaneous, Interactive Creative Events : ‘ Rencontres Artistiques’ by Walter Fabeck-Musician Composer.


The visual image begins with an idea and moves inwards towards the sensual. A sound image begins with the sensual and leads towards ideas’ Jacques

My life as a professional musician would be poorer without contact with the unfettered imagination which is inherent in young people.

Through my work, I have enjoyed creative contact with young people of  diverse backgrounds, ages and nationalities, devising many projects aiming to explore the compelling and fascinating links between different  art forms, and, through creative activity, developing new work linking
music with the visual and performing arts.

In addition to having practical experience of composing and leading workshops of music for image and performing I am also keen on researching the deeply rooted connections which exist  in the creative process when interdisciplinary art is made.
In this area, I have been highly motivated and inspired by Madame Beatrice Cofield. Madame Béatrice Cofield has responded very deeply to some of my own compositions by producing art responding intuitively to the music’s emotional trajectories. This in turn led to our mutual interest in seeking equivalent responses in young people.

A pilot project in 2005 involving simultaneous creation of music and paintings in a UK primary school exceeded all my expectations of the richly fertile  and
mutual cross-fertilization between music and art. In July 2009 , I was privileged to be invited by Madame  Cofield to Bouzy La Forêt where she now resides,
to witness and take part in further explorations of this fascinating interaction. I was very impressed by the depth of emotion evident  in the paintings of all these very young people. I performed a 45 minute improvisation forpiano and live electronic music, whilst viewing a  diaporama composited from the paintings I had seen the previous day. I built into some of the sounds a  suggested sense of locality : forest crickets, birds and water as I believe that this very special natural
environment plays an important part in the creative process.

Whilst I was playing the music and taking inspiration from the images, , a small group in the hall created new visual images. This struck me as an important event from the point of view  of understanding  and examining universal cultural responses versus individual ones; the analogy between sound waves and rhythms, lines of flux of paintings; comparative notions of colour ans space in the auditory versus visual domains, and many other inspiring areas of research. It is clear that
this work has many ways to develop in the future, I amvery happy that there are plans for further interactive events in 2010 and beyond. These  projects need to be carried across the region.

Walter Fabeck, Pianist and Contemporary Composer, Director of the Bank Keys Studios.

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