Alana Jenkins



Through lines, we project our energy, our emotions and from this first thrust, link  from within into space, from this first intuitive flight, some ideas are born. Emotion pulls our hand and this energy which springs from the heart guides us towards ideas, the creation of forms, the putting in order of connotations, a gradually conscious architecture in movement.

True art is as alive as the viewer. And so is this tree from Alana Jenkins.

In Munch’s scream, the powerful knot of lines moulded around a screaming figure makes us aware that lines have the intensity of sound.

This painting is altogether structured and free, like a golden rule of movement, stemming from our roots to the finding of our place, in space. With such a sensitivity, because this tree appears to be a fusion of life lines which rises above the concept of time.

From the gut, indeed, where a gaping hole in the base centre evokes the centre of our being mysteriously vacant.

 Like a giant muscle, springing from the depth of our emotions, where all the sinuous paths of suffering and pleasure run side by side and meet, now and then.

This tree, standing to reach high, loops in a variation of a universal musical form : the coil, the snail, the birth of a star, the shape we all draw to render an inner centre and while listening to music.

As  much a human being as a tree,  with all its complexity and heart beats , dancing its life, its identity to the full.

Béatrice Cofield

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