9359.jpgThe soulful one

I am a soulful bird of love

I am the gentle loving one

I am the bird ready to land

Inside the deepest part of you

I am the one that lives inside

I am the one that softly hides

I am the one that you will find

The one that will unlock your mind

I am the bird that waits in air

I am the one that lands on fear

I am the one that sets it free

So you can saw the skies with me



 Listening to Mozart

Listening to music allows us to feel, perceive the rhythm of shapes and remind us that perception cannot be purely an objective process. It remains a dialogue with the outside world within which our whole being is engaged. It remains a creative process, the reflection of our uniqueness. Thus, this picture, carries also, beyond the music, the feel  of flying in space, of being carried by currents of air, the wind.

It is alive and deserves its title : autumn breath

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